Sunday, 19 August 2007


I'm starting a countdown now.

I deliberately want this blog to be a positive place, it's very easy to whinge about anything and there are plenty of people prepared to whinge about aspects of Guiding.

Paperwork is always a bugbear and to be fair, CHQ (Girlguiding bosses) are working on Project Streamline to make it less onerous. But for now, some processes can take a while. So let's see!

I have a mum of one of my Brownies who has volunteered to be registered as an Occasional Helper, with a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, so that she can come away overnight with us sometimes if we can't get enough Guiders for a trip. You have to have a minimum of 3 on each overnight, fundamentally so that if something happens, one can go for help/go with the injured girl and there's still two to look after the remaining girls. You can negotiate exceptions if you are taking a very small number of girls or going somewhere with lots of other Guiders so you could call on them for help.

She said back in June she'd do it. I haven't yet succeeded in getting her and my DC (District Commissioner) together for the forms, a combination of holidays and the fact that the DC doesn't live that near us. So today I called the Division Commissioner (one up the line) who lives much closer and has said she'll be happy to do it, as long as we can wait till the first week of September, as she has her Guides to take to camp next week and has enough on her plate.

Countdown starts now: if the Div Comm and the mum get together the first week of September, how long will the CRB take? 3 weeks is the least ever. 12 weeks is the longest we've waited.

Tick tock, tick tock


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