Friday, 17 August 2007

Plans for autumn term

So, here's our plans for the autumn term. I'll expand on what we did once we've done it, and I'm going to keep the details of trips private till afterwards to protect the girls.

We start back the same week the schools go back and the first three weeks will be the Right to Work Together badge:  These Rights badges are fantastic, the leader resource that goes with them has so many ideas, and though the badges will only be around for 3-5 years, I can see us using them long after that. Our girls have so far done three, and what is particularly good about these is all sections can earn them, with different levels of involvement. So our sister Guide unit are earning them too. That means the girls who only earn, say, 4 before going to Guides, may be able to get the remaining 2 while at Guides.

I'm hoping doing Right to Work Together will help to integrate the 6 new girls into the unit, which is why I have picked it for so early in the term.

Then the next three weeks will be dedicated to the Science Investigator badge. We did a survey of the girls last term to find out what kind of things they wanted to do this year. A few girls said they wanted to "make stuff do stuff" which we have interpreted as science experiments after asking for some clarification!

My assistant Guider is going to lead on this one, we've got a great resource from Manchester's Science Museum which really demystifies the badge and makes it easy to work through the experiments, so that will be very useful. She only has a few sections to do on her leader warrant, so leading on this badge will help her achieve what's needed.
The new girls will need to split off and work through their Becoming a Brownie books and get ready to take their promise while the rest are doing the Science badge.
That'll take us up to halfterm and after halfterm we'll be doing Circus Skills (just for fun!), then working towards a show for Christmas (not a big thing, just a few songs and maybe some circus skills!) and the girls who want to earn their Hostess and Entertainer badges can do so at the same time by organising certain aspects, those that don't can just take part in the show. Ayone who hasn't taken their promise by then can do it at the show, if they want.
Finally, we will take part in whatever is planned for the Division at Christmas, in terms of charity fundraising, which will be our community action this term.
Trips this term: Legoland's Girlguiding Day is a definite. Six of the older girls, plus me and one of the Assistant Guiders will be going on a Santa weekend before Christmas. We also have a climbing/abseiling/archery day booked for 10 of the girls and finally we will also be paying admission to a science museum for anyone who goes on a certain date to complete their Science Investigator badge (though we'll also accept a letter from parents stating that their daughter has been to a Science Museum since the badge was started at any time during the next year to complete the badge if they can't make it that day).
I'll fill you in on everything, once it has happened!


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