Thursday, 30 August 2007


So, my Assistant Guider and I sorted the Brownie boxes out today.

And we filled a binbag with rubbish.

So why do we need to buy TWO MORE storage boxes than before?

Assistant (aka Parrot) now has in her garage:

  1. The every week box with the boxes of pens for each six, the It sticks, a first aid kit and room to drop in any resources needed for that week (an improvement on before where there was no room to add stuff)
  2. The craft box with paper, card, feathers, sprinkles, all sorts of crafty things.
  3. Stuff to go in a sports box - the parachute, skipping ropes etc (this needs a new box)
  4. Stuff to go in a various box - this will have everything else she keeps: scissors, glue, Badge It, cleaning up stuff, and she will reach in and pick out what is needed and drop it in the every week box as needed.

She also has in her house the accounts records for the unit, a box in itself.

I now have in the garage:

  1. A box of uniforms and other things to ebay (such as 11 fans you can decorate, we bought 30 to ensure we had enough for everyone the day we used them and as it turned out, only had 19 girls that week). So all this stuff is going on ebay and hopefully we can make somes funds for the pack.
  2. A box of stuff that we will use in the future: enough Hama (perler) beads for a craft evening, Diwali fridge magnets, that sort of thing, things we've collected along the way as bargains or scheduled but didn't need. Now we actually took stock of what we have, we will ensure it gets scheduled in.
  3. A box of clown stuff for when we do the Clown Skills badge later this term.
  4. The centrepiece box, a felt rectangle that lies in the centre of the room and each six puts their cuddly animal in the centre as we come in and we meet around it.
  5. The pack uniform box - an enormous box filled with old style Brownie uniform that the girls can borrow when they go on messy trips and pack holidays.

I now have in the house:

  1. My admin box with all current records and a folder for each of the badges/trips currently planned over the next few months. This includes permission forms etc.
  2. My badge box which includes: promise badges, promise certificates, uniform catalogues, Becoming a Brownie books, neckerchiefs, woggles, interest badges, Rights to Be badges. And a hairdryer.
  3. A doubles box - doubles because Sarah has some of the same stuff, so that we can both prep for a meeting without needing stuff from the other person. So I have a pack of card, a pack of blank greeting cards, laminating pouches, the laminator, and a few other things.
  4. Two boxes that are full of stuff that has been useful in the past, and because unlike America we stay with the section not move with the girls, we may be able to use again. Already we hope to do the Crime Prevention badge after Easter next year, because all our original girls will have left, so it is worth keeping all the stuff from that. Most of it is rubbish I should shred but hey, there's tidying up and there's going over the top. And my tidying up involves dropping things into boxes and closing them cos it looks neater.

Now, I have to admit, we both have tidier versions of what we had earlier today.

And we know what we are doing the first meeting back in detail, and what we need to bring.

But it wasn't quite the purge we were hoping for!


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