Sunday, 5 August 2007


Very quiet just now, as Brownies, like school, stop for the summer.

My assistant guider and I plan to get together in the next couple of weeks and remove the NINE big boxes we have shared between our two garages and see if we can whittle them down a bit. It's only taken us three years to accumulate all this stuff, but much of it is genuinely useful. Quite a bit of it is a load of stuff pushed back into the boxes when we only used 90% of what we had bought each evening, so we should be able to get rid of some of it.

The only other thing going on over summer is a little light planning for the first few weeks we are back in September, and also answering the occasional email from my Brownies who have been set the challenge of earning American Go For Its (if they choose) during the break. I bagged a few from ebay, looked up the requirements and told the girls to email me if they wanted to have a go. I've got four girls working on them right now, so I'll probably have a few left over at the end of the summer!

Oh, and my daughter and I renewed our promise at 8am on August 1 - well, it was 9am for us as we were in France. Felt very silly doing it on our own, but knowing that at least 28 million others were doing it around the world at the same time helped! It was to mark 100 years since Robert Baden Powell founded Scouts, it was mainly a Scout celebration, but it felt good to be part of it. It's 100 years of Guiding in 2010, and I plan to be part of that - the celebrations start in September 2009 so there's a good chance. I was in Guiding for the 75th, as a Guide, and my mum was part of the 50th, and my Granny part of the 25th, so I am really keen for my daughter to be part of the 100th. She'll be an 11-12 year old Guide during that year, so the chances are good.


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