Sunday, 12 August 2007

What are we called?

Brownie leaders have traditionally been called Brown Owl. Not necessarily now.

We tried it when we started up but with 6 of us leading Brownies and Guides between us, we couldn't remember the Owl names, let alone the girls. We had Brown Owl, Snowy Owl, Wise Owl, Little Owl...and two others, can't for the life of me remember who was who apart from Wise and Little.

So we tried a different tack: using the Guide animal patrol names. This has the advantage of little pin on badges with the animals on, so if a new girl forgets our name, they can sidle round the front of us and see what animal we are. We have Penguin (me), Parrot and Lion (assistant Guiders), Dolphin (our former Young Leader who is now off at uni) and Monkey (our unit helper).

It seems to work well. The Guide Guiders just use their first names, but Brownies like to have a "name" to call you. Doesn't stop people asking if you are the Brown Owl. Nominally yes, in that the Brown Owl is the one in charge.

By the way, I chose Penguin because I think Penguins are pretty cute. Having grown up near enough to visit Edinburgh Zoo, following the Penguin Parade was part of my childhood memories. And when I was a Brownie, my pack adopted a wallaby at the zoo, so being called the animal most associated with that zoo is kind of a throwback to being a Brownie too.


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