Monday, 3 September 2007

Article in Guiding magazine

I'm feeling a bit more positive about this, another Guider in our district texted me to say what a fab piece it was, so maybe I was just expecting a bit too much.

I am pleased it is in there, and it was a once in a lifetime experience meeting the best selling author in the world at the time, for me as well as for the girls.

Anyway, moving on, printed out a large number of permission forms today to dole out at this week's meetings for trips later this month (will fill you in after, of course!) No way round having lots of paper, no matter how hard I try! We have an online group where I post news and info, but I still need proper Guiding permission forms to cover us for trips and if I ask parents to do it, I always end up having to print a few extra anyway. Better for me just to print them in the first place!


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