Sunday, 9 September 2007


*blush* Added another big box to the garage this weekend.
A Guiding district bought these tins called Molly tins (I think because that's the Guide's name) a few years ago and they bought THOUSANDS of them. Little by little, through the sterling efforts of a woman called Ally, they have been selling them off at £1 a tin.
I've had it in the back of my mind that when we celebrate the centenary of guiding from Sept 2009-2010, I'd like to give my Brownies something to mark it. These tins are perfect because they can put any badges or certificates or other momentoes of the 100 years inside and keep them.
A few weeks ago, Ally said the depot had gone down to just 700 boxes and she seems to be selling about 100 a week (in her own time, not as a job!) and I decided I couldn't leave it to buy the 30 I wanted for much longer so took the plunge. They are really cute, big but not too big, with a retro kind of look. But 30 of them takes quite a lot of space and I won't need them for two years! I am thinking of asking my husband to help me put them in the attic but that's a mental jump - then I would not only have Brownie stuff in the study and the garage but also in the attic!


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