Saturday, 1 September 2007


One of the hardest things, no, the hardest thing for me about being a Guider is actually making the meetings!

We meet at 6pm and can't go any later as Guides follow straight after us, so we have to consider their finishing time. Can't change nights as we agreed on the night we meet as it is the best for all the adults - and a different night would make no difference to me anyway.

My husband gets home about 6.15pm usually. Because we not only have a Brownie-age daughter but also a preschool son, I need him to take our son so I can go to the meeting. He makes a real effort to make it home for 5.45pm on the meeting night, even moving work around to do it, and usually it is ok.

This week he has a leaving do for a member of his team, scheduled same day as the first Brownie meeting. After 8 weeks off over the summer, he's got out of the habit of automatically saying, please avoid that night of the week!

From my perspective, it is always easier not to take our son. He is a distraction even if he plays with his cars, and it's one other thing to think about. For the first meeting, there will be 6 new Brownies to settle in, parents asking questions, plus the actual plans for the meeting. So it would help not to have him.

Fortunately, my neighbour, with a child a year older and a child a year younger than my boy, has agreed to take him this week. I wouldn't impose on her regularly but it's nice that there's someone I can ask. And her daughter is already on my Brownie waiting list for when she turns 7! She's even offered to have my son for tea, so I'll be walking him next door then having 15 mins before I have to leave myself!

This is what makes me think when my daughter becomes a Guide, about 18 months from now, I should think about becoming a Guide Guider. Guides don't generally meet before 7, 7.15pm so much easier to get to. But if I did do that, I'd maybe do it at a different unit from my daughter's, so I don't cramp her style.


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