Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Create a badge

I've been toying with the idea of creating our own badge for the Legoland trip, since we're going to have a coach of about 48 people, and both our Brownies and their sister Guide unit love badges.

I've made friends with a Brownie Guider in Kent (hi Vickey!) who is also going, and has three coachloads from her district going too. So potentially, we could have about 160-200 badges made together.

We've found someone, also a Guider, who can make them up for us and will happily create a design and stitch a set number with my unit's name on and a set number with Vickey's district's name on, of the same design.

So now we have to work out what to put on.

I was thinking something like unit name at the top, a lego brick and a trefoil in the middle and Legoland 2007 at the bottom. Will need to get sketching!


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