Saturday, 8 September 2007

Disney competition

Midlands Guiding (that's the region we're part of) has a competition with the National Indoor Arena for one Rainbow unit and one Brownie unit in the region to win tickets for Disney on Ice in Birmingham.

All the kids have to do is design a superhero outfit for a Disney character. I know it's a commercial tie-in, but I think it's a pretty cool competion (not just because it's ice).

However, I need to talk to the other Guiders from our unit, but I'm thinking we probably won't enter.

Three reasons:
  1. The prize is Nov 1 at 7.30pm in Birmingham. Nov 2 is a school day, and I honestly don't think this is exceptional enough that the parents will be happy about the girls coming back about 10pm or later with school the next day.
  2. We're going to the special Girlguiding only day at Legoland on Nov 4. Even if we won the ice tickets we'd still have to charge for transport, not fair on the parents when they've just forked out for Legoland.
  3. Our county training day is Nov 3 and I will need to go as there is an update for the Brownie programme. I can't give up the whole night of Nov 1, all day Nov 3 and all day Nov 4 - that's just too much: doing training and Legoland is almost too much anyway.

So I'm going to hand out the bookmarks, but unless the other Guiders are really keen, I'm going to pass on the competition. But I am appreciative that Midlands Guiding set stuff like this up!


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