Thursday, 6 September 2007

First meeting back

On such a high! We had our first meeting back tonight - out of the 23 I was expecting, 21 turned up, 1 was ill and 1 I'm not sure about, if I was going to pick any girl to expect not to turn up, it would have been her but equally, if there's a girl who needs to have some time out of her house having fun, it's her.

The new girls seemed to fit in really well, it helped there are two newbies in each six I think. The buddies (girls that look after them) did a good job too, and I think doing silly things like three-legged races in sixes (how many legs is that, about seven or eight?) worked really well.

We taught them the quiet sign, the promise sign (funny how hard that is the first few times), Brownie Bells for the end and gave out the Becoming a Brownie books.

We've got 15 so far for Legoland, probably the one who was off ill will be going to that, so I'll go for probably three groups of 5 or two of 5 and one of 6 and try for two adults with each group.

And I let the Senior Six (the 6 oldest girls) choose a community action project. They never come up with what you think. I thought it would be something like plant a flower bed for the school or a sponsored silence for the NSPCC, something like that. They went for ice-skating in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Okaaaaaaaaay, now I have to work out how we're going to do that!


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