Sunday, 23 September 2007

Gave them badges

I forgot to say, the girls got badges yesterday. They were all given a climbing one for doing the climbing wall.

I ordered it from Design It, a US company - they don't do delivery to the UK, well they do but it's ridiculously out of proportion to what you are ordering, so a friend in the US kindly let me send them to her then she sent them on to me.

I've ordered a couple of times from them, they have a badge for pretty much every occasion and the girls absolutely love them. And with the US/UK exchange rate, they still work out good value even with shipping to a friend then shipping on to me included.

My only stipulation is that they put them on the back of their uniform, so that we keep the front for all the great UK badges that they earn. It's not a problem if they don't, so it's more of a guideline than a stipulation really.

They also got an Archery Try-It. This is a Council's Own (ie the Girl Scout council for that area created it for their girls and chose to sell it outside their area) from the Girl Scouts of Beaver and Lawrence County.

I emailed them and asked if it would be ok if our girls earned it and they were happy to let us. They sent them to me, and even though they sent Junior Girl Scout badges by mistake and I had to return them and get the Try-Its sent, they were really helpful through the whole process.

Again, I asked the girls to put them on the back of their uniforms if possible, but as this is an earned badge, rather than a participation one, if they put it on their sleeves or on the front it's not a problem.


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