Saturday, 15 September 2007

Go [where we live]!

Just back from a division event called Go [insert name of our town here]!

Only two Brownies from our unit went, mostly because we have a BIG trip planned next weekend, but we were among 200 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section from across the division.

We went round the town to: the police station, the Frank Whittle memorial (inventor of the jet engine), the town church, the Guide shop, the museum and back down the high street looking at the blue plaques as we went. Then we finished with chips. And we all, even the leaders, got a badge.

Really enjoyed it and I do feel I, and the girls, learned a fair bit about the town where we live.

Rainbows had a simpler route, and Guides got to see a mock trial courtesy of the magistrates court. It was a good way to learn about the town, and with everyone in uniform, we were highly visible, I gave the division commissioner's phone number out to two families who asked how to join.


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