Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Lidl manager thinks I am mad

A Brownie email list I post on had lots of people excited because Lidl (low cost supermarket) had their own brand trangias in (google trangia to see what it is, it's a way of cooking). They were very excited and I was thinking it could be a good way to get my Brownies doing some basic cooking as we have no access to the school kitchen.

Went to Lidl on Sunday, they had 5 in stock, I bought all 5 thinking one for each six and one for the Guiders. Then I went back to the list and searched on trangias to see how to use them, what tips people had...

Nearly every post said they wouldn't have Brownies using them unless it was on a one to one basis, and those that didn't say that said that there needs to be something left to entice them to Guides! They went on to relate the problems of Guides burning hands on handles "they only do it once!", and flames shooting up due to the cooking fuel used. How did I blank out all that when I was reading the excitement about them being on special offer?

So, as I am a great believer in pushing the boundaries for Brownies but not into Guide territory, I marched back to Lidl after work on Monday and returned 4 out of 5 (I want to try it out anyway, to get myself familiar). I'd got funny looks buying 5 in the first place, now I got even funnier looks returning 4 of them.

To their credit, there was no quibbling and because I hadn't even opened them, they just stacked them up for resale.

Memo to me: read all the posts about something before dashing out and buying 5.


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