Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Luminous Brownies

I was in Tesco getting some shopping today and made the fatal mistake of glancing at the £1 section.

They often have great bargains in there, we pick up all our glue and pens from those boxes, and a few other things besides.

Today, they had high visibility vests in yellow or in pink, ages 4-7 and 8-11. They were £1.50 each - sometimes Tesco do put stuff over £1 in that section, though it is always a bargain. They look like the ones in this pic, though this isn't from the Tesco site.

So, I snapped up 24 for the Brownie unit. I'm planning to get the 16 going to Legoland to wear them so they should be nice and easy to spot and I definitely plan to use them when we go to London again in the future.

Oh, and when I got home after my son's swimming lesson, the Legoland tickets had arrived. So those are safely filed away ready for our trip in November!
I've also doled out the paperwork for the Christmas weekend away, 4/6 girls live within walking distance, one lives in my house and one was on the way to my son's swimming lesson anyway.
Nothing to do for this week's Brownies - Lion is leading for the next few weeks as we work on the Science Investigator badge.


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