Saturday, 29 September 2007

New acquisitions

Went to the fantastic Guide shop about 23 miles away - ok exactly 23.2 miles away because I measured it. There are two closer, but the local depot has a small amount of stock and you have to order most things, and I really wanted to touch stuff! There is a shop open Saturdays between the local depot and the other one, but the staff at the other one are SO nice, it is worth the trip.

Plus, they are happy to let me trade if I have too much of something. So, for example, I had bought 24 Road Safety badges for the spring term, but with girls moving to Guides and moving away, we only had 17 girls by the time we worked through that badge. So I had 7 left over. I was able to scrape together 21 badges we wouldn't need, so I traded them for 21 Healthy Heart badges, as the girls voted to do that later this term.

I also traded 13 Rights badges, made up of unneeded badges from the first 4 Rights we have done, for 13 Right to Be Happy badges, one of only two Rights we haven't yet done. When we do get round to that one, I will wait to see how many pass and buy any extras. As we only have two Rights left, don't want to get left with lots we won't use.

Apart from trading I also bought:
  • A copy of the revised Adventure book so I can use it once trained on the new programme next month
  • A copy of the revised Adventure On book for the same reason
  • 3 each of the new Brownie Adventure and Adventure On badges that go with the new programme so I can show the girls and have a couple ready for the first to achieve it.
  • 3 of the new Leaving Brownie badges. These are for girls leaving the unit, and can be worn on their Guide uniform if they go on to be Guides.
  • A Brownie Leader promise badge and badge tab for our new recruit.
  • The Midlands 4U challenge, a new challenge for the region, haven't read it yet though.
  • 22 Brownie Skills badges
  • 10 Warwickshire bear silks for the new Brownies

And, personally rather than for the unit, I bought:

  • 3 Warwickshire bear blanket badges (one for me, one for daughter, one for someone I owe one to)
  • A Brownies yellow bag, I have one and another Brownie leader in the district remarked on it, so I got one for her.
  • A puppy for daughter (she chose it and paid me back from pocket money)
  • A yoyo for son (he chose it and gets no pocket money so can't pay back but it was 50p!)


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