Friday, 14 September 2007

New assistant!

Our Brownie pack has a new assistant, starting in two weeks time!
One of our AGs, who has been with us since we started in Dec 2004, will emigrate to Canada next July, and our UH will stop coming once his daughter goes to Guides in September next year, though he may become their UH instead. The AG is also less keen on our outings and overnights.
So at the back of my mind has been that our 4 adults will be down to 2 at the end of the school year. Coupled with the fact that the other AG prefers not to have to come every week, as she is also AG for the Guide unit following on, and that we have lost our YL to university...
The first mum I asked to consider it nearly bit my hand off and asked to go straight into uniform! She dubs herself one of life's Wing Defences - she'll back up anyone who asks, she just doesn't want to be a Wing Attack.
So now all we need to do is think of a name for her, to go with our animal theme!
(AG = assistant guider, UH = unit helper, YL = Young Leader)


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