Thursday, 20 September 2007

Olympic Games

The girls were France, Greece, Australia and USA this week (their choices) for an Olympic Games.

They picked the games, we had the obvious running, relay etc and then some of their favourites: egg and spoon, sack race and so on.

We also had two cracking games they love - Kangaroo Hops (they dress as kangaroos - we have left over ears and tails from a party we threw to say goodbye to a leader, Guide and Brownie when they moved to Oz) and Welly-Whanging. We welly-whanged as part of their Adventure On badge last summer and it went down a storm so they all did it again.

It was great fun and wrapped up their Right to Work Together badges nicely, though there was a falling out between two of the very oldest girls, something spilling over from school. I feel we were very ineffectual dealing with it, if we have a squabble at Brownies it's not hard to deal with but when it is something building over a few days at school and we are just a 90 minute part of it, it's harder.

I also gave out 3 Right to Be Me badges that were ordered before the summer so were owed from a while ago, and 8 Meet an Author badges for the girls that met JK Rowling.


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