Tuesday, 4 September 2007


I was asked how I organise the paperwork.

I have one of those files like an accordion, that has current Brownies in the front, waiting list behind it, Starting Brownie forms behind that then anything else deemed important.

There's also a little red folder that goes to every meeting with tick lists for attendance and badge requirements, room for scribbles on each night's meeting and at the back, emergency contacts and health details for each girl.

That's it for the important stuff. I have a Guiding Manual in a folder, the county contacts booklet, and a green folder which has those pockets you can drop pages into - I use that for when we go anywhere, to drop in the relevant forms: G/O when we're out for the day, G/C and G/H for camp and health when we go away plus a copy of the A/A and A/S that confirm we're allowed to go.

When we have a few events pending, I have those flat A4 folders and I just name each one after the event and anything related to the event gets dropped into the folder. Then I move it to the green folder before we go. All the forms can be shredded after as long as no-one was injured, if there are any injuries, even minor, I keep their forms, can't remember offhand how long, it is in the manual.

Everything else is on my laptop and I have a backup on a memory stick.


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