Saturday, 29 September 2007

Scientific stuff

Our AG Lion made a great job of the Science badge this week. She had an unfortunate start, trapped in traffic and didn't get there till 25 minutes after we start. I don't find it easy to hand over the meetings but I'd relaxed because I knew she'd find it much easier to handle science than me, but that meant I had nothing prepared to fill the 25 mins!

We muddled through and then the girls each took part in some of these activities (they will all be repeated next week so they will all get a go):
  • Made an indicator with red cabbage and see what happens when it reacts with things including orange juice, toothpaste, etc
  • Played a bottle xylophone
  • Wrapped ice cubes in different things to see what protects best from melting
  • Created a structure to support an apple
  • Created a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Those alert UK Brownie Guiders may have spotted this is the old Science Investigator syllabus. The badge requirements recently changed. However, as they didn't change for safety reasons (the First Aid and Agility badges were amended for safety reasons), and we had the resources to support working through the old version, we decided to proceed with it.

So, same thing next week, and we've allowed time to wrap the badge up the week after and any time not used that week, we'll start on the Brownie Skills badge as a time-filler.


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