Saturday, 22 September 2007

Sooooo much fun!

Who is that abseiling down a climbing wall? Why, that would be me!

We had SOOOO much fun today. We got there really early as I'd allowed lots of time for traffic so were able to go straight to the activity we were originally scheduled to do last, which meant we could get home a little earlier.

So the girls had an hour of tobogganing on a dry ski slope - a biiiig hit with them. We don't get a lot of snow here in Warwickshire so what to me would have been so dull at age 8 or 9, because I grew up in Scotland and sledged loads of times, was thrilling for them.

Next was climbing and abseiling which they all got a lot out of - there were some that scuttled up the cliff and hated abseiling down, others that took ages to get up then bounced happily down, those that loved both - we didn't get anyone who hated both! Most of them loved this so much that they are planning their next birthday party here!

Finally, archery. Now, this hasn't long been an activity for Brownies, it used to only be allowed from Guide level up. I have to say, we did have some struggling. 8/10 girls needed a size 12 bow, but three of the four size 12s were broken. So the 8 girls who needed it had to take turns, not ideal at all. 2/10 used size 16, but we made them take turns along with the others to be fair. So I have to be honest and say it was a shame we finished the day on this event, as it was the least successful. I can't quite bring myself to say Brownies shouldn't do it, because they did do well when they got their turn, for the most part anyway. But some were struggling even with the 12lb bow, so it wouldn't have been an unqualified success even if we had enough 12lb ones.

Overall - a big hit with the girls and they would love to do it again.

There were other activities there, like ski-ing, snowboarding, canoeing, that would be great fun for a birthday party. The rules in the Guiding Manual for these activities were too prohibitive for me to do these, but that doesn't rule out some of them trying them another time as "civilians!"


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