Friday, 14 September 2007

Working Together

Another great meeting last night, the new Brownies worked on their Becoming a Brownie books, the existing Brownies carried on with the Right to Work Together and really participated well. In groups of five, they worked round five tables. One table had string on to tie a reef knot. Another had a triangle drawn on a piece of paper to cut out. Another had blank paper to draw a triangle, a circle and a square. Another had building blocks. And the last had a picture of a squirrel (random, I know) to colour in. The trick was, they had to link arms as a five, and only the girls on each end could use their free hand. They swapped for each table so everyone got a go, and they really did well - one team tied a reef knot as quickly as if they were doing it individually. Another team tied something that did not resemble a reef knot, but they tried!
Then we did Global Footprints, where they had 10 environmental questions, about recycling, and water, and travel, and they had to mark down a footprint for the best answer, a footprint and a smog for a sometimes answer and two smogs if they did the worst thing. The chart has a second chart below, and they are to try and improve their footprints by next week. They are very knowledgable on the environment already, but I did shock a few of them over how awful plane travel is.
Then there were some running around games with the other two Guiders while I cleared up, and finally we had a Pow Wow at the end and planned Olympic Games for next week. They chose what countries they would be and chose all the events - though we did ban wheelbarrow races because someone ALWAYS gets hurt, without exception.
Oh, and they voted on which of the four new Brownie badges they would li
ke to do as a unit in November, choosing Healthy Heart.
The more I let them make decisions, the more inclined I am to let them make more decisions, they are a sensible bunch on the whole and choose to make the most of their time at Brownies.


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