Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Signed up

We have 14 signed up for camp now, with just 2 to hear back from. That number will probably drop as we get nearer the time, and have a more accurate idea of cost etc. But I'm thinking we should end up with 10-12, which does show there's a demand from the girls for camping under canvas.

I have 4 definite no shows for this week's meeting, very impressed that the parents took the time to contact me, makes it much easier as we can just get on with what we are doing, not wonder if someone is going to turn up halfway through.

I really need to prep for my bit of the meeting...looks like that'll be lunchtime tomorrow, oops!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Top women were Brownies or Guides

How cool is this?,,2201575,00.html

I'm leading the leaders of tomorrow!


About 1/2 of our girls go to the same school. About 3/4 of the girls live in our housing estate. All the girls bar two either go to the school or live on the estate or both -ooh, this is turning into one of those maths questions that ask you to draw a Venn Diagram!

Anyway, of the girls that don't go to the school where we meet, three go to a school that is having a firework display on our meeting night this week. Because the mums are helpful ladies, they are helping at the event, so their daughters are going too, of course.

All three took the time to tell me, which was great, means we won't be waiting to start thinking they may turn up. But I am quite jealous - I'd love to go too! I know Healthy Heart badge will be fun...and two girls who go to a different school again are missing the school disco to do the badge, so we will press on and do it.

But I do love fireworks! Bonfire Night is a Monday this year, so there may be a display locally on the Saturday? Must get the local paper.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Busy busy busy

Some very busy days coming up.

At this week's meeting, we're tackling Healthy Heart badge, a badge in a night - we usually take two or three weeks to work through badges but this one is replacing Circus Skills as we weren't able to sort a date with the clown (we'll try again next term).

Then this Saturday I have training for the new Brownie programme.

Sunday, we're off to Legoland for the Girlguiding Day there.

Some more news:
  • We're going ahead with the camp next July so I'm organising a couple of overnights before then to ensure the new girls have experience of being away.
  • We managed to get tickets for Westminster Abbey Thinking Day Service. Very sought after, very hard to get, so very pleased. We'll be going with our Guide unit.
  • I am sure there is more, but hey, not like I won't be posting again soon!

That darn mum again

She's had one more go at me, but you know what?

Water off a duck's back.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

One last note

One last note before I do three days of work packed into two and therefore don't have time to post before I go to Scotland.

The Brownie mum replied to my email, sending it to all the Brownie parents and leaders again, and started citing health and safety and was still going on about communication. I think the health and safety thing is a bit clutching at straws - if she was that fussed about it, why did she sign her daughter up for camp 10 minutes before her original email, you wouldn't send your daughter away with someone for a weekend if you didn't think the normal meetings were safe.

But this is really grinding me down, despite being overwhelmed by lots of other parents getting in touch to reassure me.

So instead of answering in anger this time, I replied directly to her (I believe it is called taking the moral high ground!) and restated the communication as it runs for our unit. I said that to "learn from this experience" as of the next half-term, there will be a poster hung on the gate the girls leave from to state the last meeting date and first meeting date of the next term. (Too right there will be, I'm going to Kall Kwik and paying whatever it takes to have an A3, 72 point poster laminated!)

Then I said if she was still not happy, these are the contact details for the Division Commissioner, who has been kept aware of our dialogue.

The end.

Either she'll accept the way communications are handled (and by the way, I have had so many Guiders on a Guiders forum post that I passed on the info in far more ways than they do) and her daughter will stay with us, or the Div Comm will find another unit that she may find answers her concerns better. I'd be sad to lose the girl, but I know I can't do any more than I do.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Don't let the b*****ds get you down!

I've had so many Brownie parents contact me after this.
And I've spoken to fellow Guiders online and offline.
And I am a much happier person.
Most think I was spot on, a couple think I was very strong in what I said and maybe over-reacted a little, but go on to say sometimes it does no harm to spell things out.

A Guiding-free 10 days for me now though, with half-term and my brother's wedding, so I may not be adding to the blog for a few days (though who knows, there's always something going on!)See ya!


I have a reference form here for one of the Brownie mums who has agreed to be registered as an occasional helper with all the necessary checks so that she can come away with us on overnight trips if we don't have enough Guiders.

She'll do a fab job so of course I'll give her a great reference.

But the desire to tick the boxes saying you think the person should never be allowed near children of any age? Almost overwhelming. Why put such temptation in my path?

Nope, I did the right thing as I know she'll be great when we need her!

District commissioner

Our district commissioner has resigned and we've been asked by the county commissioner to nominate a new one.

I'm nominating the leader of the Brownie pack in the next village, she's itching to do it and I know she'll do a fab job.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Sikh Brownie

Girlguiding UK are looking for Sikh Brownies.

Every so often, they produce a leaflet inside the Guiders magazine about each religion, to try and help those of a different religion understand the needs that may need to be considered, or simply why Guiding can be seen in a positive light within that religious community (eg because it's an all-girl space). I say of a religion, because everyone who takes the Guiding promise has to promise to "love my God" and while that can be open as to which God/plural deities is being cited, you cannot take the promise if you won't promise to love your God.

Anyway, I have a Sikh Brownie and have passed her details (with her mum's permission) to GGUK and she may be appearing in the next leaflet!

Snibston Science Park

This term we have been doing the Science Investigator badge. The remaining requirement was to go to a science park. Many, though not all, schools in our area had a teacher training day today, so I told the Brownie parents that any Brownie family who was at Snibston for 10.30am, the Brownies would pay for admission.

We had 2 for 1 vouchers, so we got 9 adults, 11 kids (including 9 Brownies) and 4 under fives in for £58. Considering Warwick Castle is £52 for a family of four, you can see what a bargain that is!

Once in, the families were left to wander as they wanted. We had such a clear bright day, much of the time was spent outside exploring the outdoor facilities. At noon, there was a presentation for the girls who had completed their badge, then we left the families to explore again and leave in their own time.

It's a fantastic facility, we had four year olds picking up Mini cars with magnets and pullies (pulleys? What is the plural of pulley?), lots of water play, lots of weaving, clambering through coal was excellent and I highly recommend it.

And most of the parents there had seen the email sent round the night before. None of them had turned up last night, they all read their calendar! Everyone was very supportive and made me feel we are really offering a great experience for our girls.


Apparently the Brownie at the door wasn't the only one whose mum can't read a calendar.

I got a really angry email, sent to the whole Brownie yahoo group (ie all the Brownie parents and leaders) last night from a mum about the meeting being "cancelled".

Here's my reply:

Brownies was not cancelled, we never meet on the last Thursday of a half-term or term for three reasons: the school often takes the hall back from us, the leaders have parent-teacher conferences to get to, and when we did try meeting, our numbers were so far down it was not worth the effort of the leaders getting there. I tell all the new parents when their daughter start, that this is why we always meet back the first week school goes back whenever possible, because we can never meet at the end of half-terms and terms.

Each family is issued with a calendar with meeting dates at the start of the term. Each girl was given one with their name marked on the top and I did not have any left so I know {your daughter] was given one. In addition, I did verbally remind the girls last week at the end of the meeting.

I am a little insulted when you say: "Many of us on a weekly basis make family/work arrangements to ensure the girls can eat early and get to Brownies." Do you really think I do nothing but Brownies? I get in from work on a Thursday evening and have to collect both my children from childcare, feed them both, get changed, get together the resources for Brownies and get out the door. In addition to which my husband has to leave work early to ensure he is back in time to look after my son so that I can even get to Brownies in the first place.

You do know that we are volunteers? We are not paid to do any of this?


OK, so I was mad. Can you tell?

But I have been texted/phoned/spoken to by several Brownie mums today, all of whom said they were really grateful for all we do as leaders and that they knew the meeting wasn't on and I hardly hand-picked who I would tell! They were concerned this mum may have pushed me far enough to do something like resign.

Nope - because a day like today (will do another post) is why I do Brownies: nine Brownie families having a fab day out together and actually taking the time to say thank you to me rather than having a go at me because someone didn't read a calendar.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

READ THE CALENDAR - yes, I AM screaming!

Just had a Brownie, in uniform, at the door, demanding to know why I am not at the meeting place.
Because we never meet when our meeting night and the last day of a half-term or term are the same day (we find numbers are drastically down or leaders are unavailable because of school activities or we can't have the hall anyway).
Of course, if you'd read the three month calendar I handed out the first night we met you'd know that.
Or the email newsletter I sent out last week.
Or listened last week when I said: "See you all after half-term."
Short of standing in peoples faces and saying: "We will not meet next week," I am not sure what else I can do?

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Signing up...

Looks like the girls really want to camp! I've already got five names...

Yes, camping!

Well, it looks like we are going to do this. I am waaay out of my comfort zone!

But newbie Guider is keen and I am infected by her enthusiasm! Add to that, the Guide Guider has offered her services since her two daughters are going with the Brownie packs they help at anyway, and we have our team of three adults, plus access to the Guide Guiders stash of camping equipment.

We will have a maximum of 18 girls that could potentially take part as six will go to Guides at Easter and even though we'll have some newbies at Easter, we would only take girls who have been away with us once before, it's a bit too much for a first time away from home.

I can't imagine all 18 will want to go but if we can get about 10-12, I think that would be a good number.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Our county held a camp last June and our girls visited for the day, though some local Brownies did actually camp.

I've never camped. Not as a Brownie. Not as a Guide. Not as an adult.

And I was never going to. I've always said to my Brownies, you'll get the chance to camp when you go to Guides. I'll take you away to exciting indoor venues: a community hall, a World Guiding Centre, a county guide centre, a Scout activity centre so far. We're going to a Guiding Activity Centre in December and there will be an overnight between Jan and March next year for the oldest girls. But no tents.

Now the county is planning another weekend camp next July. And I gave serious thought as to whether I could do it. And concluded I could not. So I emailed the other Guiders in the unit to say as much.

At which point the newbie Guider came back and said: "I camp every year with the family, maybe we can do this if I lead and you help."

So now I've emailed the camp organiser for more details, emailed the other Brownie leader in the district to ask for tips and emailed the Guide Guider to see what equipment we could get access to.

Am I REALLY going to spend two nights under canvas????

Monday, 15 October 2007

Environment Badge

Blog Action Day calls on everyone to make an environmentally-themed post, within the normal framework of your blog. So I thought I'd post the syllabus for the Brownie Environment badge. This is one we plan to tackle as a unit, next year.

1. Do the following:
** For a week try three different ways to use less water and energy at home.
** Keep a record of what you’ve done and how much less water and energy you have used.

2. Do the following:
** Collect packaging that can and cannot be recycled. Know how you would: – dispose safely of the different items– reduce packaging waste.
** Show how you sort items into recycling groups and where your local recycling facilities are found.

3. Find out about your local recycling facilities. Make a poster showing what can be recycled and where the collection points are for at least three different materials.

4. Either
Visit a local farmers’ market and find out why buying produce there helps the farmer, you and the environment.
Collect six food items such as apples, pineapples or coffee. Discuss whether they are produced in this country or another. Know the problems of transporting food a long way.

5. Explain how artificial fertilisers, pesticides and the destruction of hedgerows affect wildlife.

6. Find out about an endangered species, like red squirrels, tigers, blue whales or giant pandas. Make a display or information pack about them.

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Blog Action Day tomorrow (thanks for the reminder Velda!).

A post about the environment, within the normal framework of your blog. Must remember...
I'm planning to post about the Brownie Environment badge - well what else?

Recognised as a Guider...and two more Brownies

I wish I could find a pic, but they don't seem to sell it any more...yesterday at the mud run I was wearing a Guiding t-shirt with Surprise Yourself (a guiding slogan) on it in Welsh. Yeah, I'm about as Welsh as haggis (actually, I am exactly as Welsh as haggis, as both haggis and me are Scottish) but the t-shirt was £5 from GGUK trading last year as they were selling off the last of their stock. I like the fit, and the colours, so I wear it when I am doing Guiding stuff out of the meeting place and want a long-sleeved top.

When I went into Warwick Castle after the run, a woman came up to me and asked what the slogan said. I said Surprise Youself in Welsh, and she said she thought so, she was a Scottish guider herself too.

Of course, we both only have GGUK's word for it that the top does say Surprise Yourself, it might be two Welsh swearwords for all I know.

Other news: I have two new Brownies lined up for January. We are currently running at 22, so this will take us to 24. That's the conventional maximum number for a UK unit, you can go up to 30 if you really want, but I actually think 24 is a good number both for our leaders (it means we can run with three leaders, if we go over 24, we need 4 to maintain our ratios) and for the hall we are in. I actually think the pack runs best around the 18-20 mark but with a high rent, having a full 24 means our money can stretch a bit further.

One of the newbies is called Hannah though, this will be the FOURTH Hannah in the unit at the moment, and she has the same initial as one of the others. She doesn't have a nickname (we solved the problem of having three Harriets at one point because one liked to be known as Hattie and another as Hairy Rat!!!!) so we may have to go with Tall Hannah B and Wee Hannah B - haven't seen how tall she is yet though!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Got muddy for a good cause

So, we did the 5K mud run this morning, and I am really pleased to say all 27 members of our team completed the course: adults, Brownies and siblings, right down to little Rachel, not even two yet (though to be fair she was pushed round in her buggy by her dad!)

Everyone in our group got round in between 50 mins and an hour, that might be a lame time for your proper runner on tarmac/running track but we were clambering up and down steps, slipping in mud and generally taking in gorgeous grounds as designed by Capability Brown, and our team included 13 people under the age of 12, so I am very pleased.

Everyone got a bottle of Radox for afterwards, for a good soak in the tub. And not just a mini-bottle, a good size one like you'd buy in the shops!

We raised £100 as a team after entry fees - I am very pleased with that, given that we organised our participation in just a few days and the money was entirely donations from the ten families that got involved, rather than sponsorship money. We've already had a thank you letter from the British Heart Foundation too.

And two great bonuses - one, the girls who participated will have this count towards their new challenge badges, and two, everyone who showed their race number at the door was allowed in Warwick Castle for free. Given that it costs £52 for a family of four to get into the castle normally, this was a bonus - it wasn't mentioned when we signed up and I don't know if it was a last minute agreement with the people that run the castle, but it was a really nice surprise. Quite a few of our families did have to shoot off for other commitments that afternoon but a few of us went.
My legs don't half ache below the knees! Getting fitter hurts!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Finished Science

So we finished Science Investigator last night, or at least as much as we were doing at Brownies. Now if they want to get the badge they have to do one of three things:

  1. Visit Snibston (a science park) with us and we will pay admission, on a planned trip

Visit another science venue and bring a note from their parent

Do a poster about two famous scientists

One girl last night who can't make it to Snibston brought her poster already and it was fabulous. She's set a very high standard.

The DoE girl slotted in very well and wants to come for the next three months for her community service, she's going to organise a starting game each week which is an excellent help to us.

I organised Healthy Heart, each of the 5 leaders is leading a clause, so that means little organisation for me which is good, I'm a bit overwhelmed with paperwork stuff just now.

And the girls decided whether they wanted to do Entertainer or Hostess in the run up to Christmas, we'll run them alongside each other as they are complimentary, and it means the shy ones don't have to get up and entertain but can still earn a badge.

5 girls (including my daughter) are going to try and do both, it will involve work at home for them rather than just in the meeting, so we'll see how they balance that with the demands of November/December at school.

Gave out consent forms for Legoland...oh, 5/6 new Brownies know their promise so they are about ready to go...the one thing I forgot last night was to talk to the Senior Six about where they would like their overnight in Feb to be, but 4/6 will be at the mud run so I can start with them and then catch the other two!

Right - mud run tomorrow, really looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Whirlwind day - but I achieved so much!

Not all guiding, but lots of it!
  • Daughter to school.
  • Jumped in car and drove to Birmingham to register our team of 27 for the mud run 5K on Saturday. Son was given an elephant badge while I sorted the money and forms with someone, and was very chuffed!
  • Checked out Solihull Ice Rink on the way back for future reference as it was just round the corner from the charity.
  • Drove back.
  • Shot into town to give income tax stuff to my accountant.
  • Dropped ironing off (our one big luxury in life is getting someone else to do the ironing)
  • Picked up bread and milk.
  • Dropped it at the house.
  • Paid the papers.
  • Posted two items at the Post Office.
  • Took son to swimming lesson.
  • Home for lunch.
  • Sat down. Aaaaaaaah.
  • Made lunch.
  • Had coffee with division commissioner who signed the forms for our Santa Weekend for me. Our district commissioner has just resigned and we talked about that a little, and what happens now - I know what you are thinking and it does not involve me taking the position!
  • Collected daughter.
  • Shot to Post Office again with the signed form and all the other stuff I had to send. Paid Special Delivery to be certain it gets there in time - there is another mail strike next week and there have been a few walkouts today and I just didn't want to risk our forms being delayed.
  • Home. Now I need to think about dinner...but I am at least pleased with how much I have achieved today!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Buckingham Palace

Here's a picture of the girls from when we went to Buckingham Palace.

We got permission to go inside the gates to watch the Changing of the Guard. There were THOUSANDS of tourists outside the gates and they were all saying: "Why do they get to go inside?" It was worth it just for that! The same day we did this, we also visited Girlguiding HQ, the ICANDO centre, a fantastic Italian restaurant, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament (the girls were fascinated by Big Ben, seen it so many times on the TV) and went on the London Eye.

This picture makes me a little sad though. We took 10 girls on the trip last March, 9 from our pack and 1 from our sister pack in our district. Of the 9 girls from our pack, one has moved to Australia (and has joined Brownies there and is loving it), one has moved to America (don't know how she is getting on) and one left to go to Guides but didn't really take to it and didn't return in September (doesn't take away from the fact she had a great time at Brownies but I'm sad she didn't click with Guides).

So only 6 of the 10 in the pic are still in our pack. 3 of those are in the Senior Six so I've only got them till next Easter when they go to Guides themselves.

Time marches on!

PS: The girls are wearing yellow neckers with a white stripe, this is what our unit wears, other units don't have them or choose their own colour combinations. I will confess that our girls voted to get neckers, I didn't know you could get any colour other than yellow, went to the Guide shop to buy them and there was a set of 20 yellow with a white stripe that someone hadn't collected within 6 months so they sold them to me at a bargain price - and that's how our colour was selected!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Assorted stuff

  • DoE girl is coming on Thurs so we'll see how we go
  • Printed off the consent forms for Legoland, and asked my AG to bring the receipt book so I can match up the names with the girls who paid.
  • Collected back most of the mud run forms now, hoping to have them all back by tomorrow
  • Can't get hold of my DC (email no reply, phone message no reply, mobile phone not connecting) and desperately need a signature to confirm I can go on this trip. Called Div Comm, one level up today and she has promised to either get the DC to sign tomorrow night at a meeting they are both going to be at or will sign it herself if DC isn't there. So I should get it back Wednesday and will pay to send it express that afternoon and hopefully meet the deadline.
  • Got back a necker from a Brownie that left without having to bug the family more than twice! Always a success! We now take a deposit when new girls join, so that if they don't return the necker when they leave, they forfeit the money, which is £1 more than it costs to buy a new one anyway. I was hating chasing them up all the time, but at £4 a go, they are too expensive to buy new for every girl, as we have a turnover of 7 or 8 each year (expected, as girls move away or move up to Guides).
  • Thinking ahead to an overnight trip in late Feb, early March...

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Duke of Edinburgh II

I've emailed the DoE girl, inviting her to visit our next meeting and see whether it appeals to her. I did mention we're a bit concerned she wouldn't have enough to do, we are fortunately well off for leaders for now, so we'll see.

Signed up

Have signed up for training on November 3 to learn about the new Brownie programme. I already know there are three new badges relating to it, and have started to create a record sheet for the girls, just need the training now. The new badges are Brownie Adventure (to be earned after approx 18 months), Brownie Adventure On (to be earned after another approx 18 months) and Brownies was an Adventure (not earned, you get it when you leave and can wear it on your Guide uniform)

Of course, I have posted the letter asking to join the training...who knows when it will get there with the current post situation. It's really weird getting no post at all for a few days, I know the advantage is no bills, but I like the noise when the post comes through the letterbox and I miss it! Miss our postie too, he's a sweetheart who really tries hard to make sure people get their larger post by checking with neighbours or stopping you if you are driving out the street.

Here's the news behind the mail strike:

Friday, 5 October 2007


Rang both places I need to get mail to:

We can register on the day for the race and I have warned them there will be 28 of us!

And the Norfolk people still want the forms asap but are fine about the fact they will be a few days late.

Sorted. Unlike the post.

Paperwork and mail strikes

I have two sets of Brownie forms I need to get where they need to go very soon.

And a mail strike till next Wednesday so no mail until next Thursday at the least.
  1. We have 28 people (14 adults, 14 girls) going on a mud run for the British Heart Foundation next Saturday (13th). But I need to get all the forms signed and then get us registered. So I will be driving to Birmingham on Wednesday to do it in person (not far, about 25 miles) otherwise we won't be signed up in time.
  2. The forms for the six Brownies and two leaders going to Norfolk in December need to be returned by Oct 12. But I haven't yet received the permission form back from my DC and with no mail till next Thursday, that means even if she has put it in the post, I won't get it at the earliest till Thursday night when I get in from work. And I can't drive to Norfolk on Friday to hand in the forms. So I will have to call them and hope it will be ok if they go back late.

Did it work?

We did Josephine with the girls last night - I am fairly sure most of the girls grasped the idea, not 100% sure the two girls we were trying to reach grasped it but at least there were no tears at Brownies.

The Science badge continued apace, it will all be wrapped up next week. And all six of the new girls want to take their promise at Legoland, so that will be fun.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Can't help

Another Brownie Guider in the district caught me this morning and asked me if I could take her meeting tonight. I had to say no - I have stepped in and helped her before, but I've not been too well the last couple of days and I just haven't got the strength.

I do feel bad for her, here am I with 2 qualified leaders (me and Parrot), one nearly qualified (Lion), one just starting training (Otter), a unit helper (Monkey) and two Guides that help as Pack Leaders (Tiger and Owl). And she has...her, plus a Pack Leader. She has less girls than us, and she has help from parents to ensure she has the necessary two adults they need each week. But the full burden falls on her.

I did suggest she tried an email around to see if anyone else could help her out for tonight.

In the longer term, it's not so simple as maybe a couple of our leaders could work with her pack instead. All our leaders have a link to our unit, they either have a daughter in the unit or had one in it. Wednesdays don't suit any of us either, plus her unit starts at 5pm - it's enough of a struggle for a minimum 3 of us to make it to our own meetings for 6pm, 5pm is just impossible.


I need to make a Josephine for tomorrow night, we're going to use her while Lion sets up the science experiments.

The two girls I mentioned squabbling a while ago? Apparently they are still at it in school and it's upsetting the others in their class. Well, I can't do much about school, but I can give it a try at Brownies.

So this is what Josephine is: You draw a Brownie on a large sheet of paper and cut her out. Then when we sit in the Brownie circle at the beginning, I introduce her: "This is Josephine, a new Brownie member. She's very nice, but she's a bit smelly." And then I tear a bit off her.

I prime the next few Brownies after me beforehand so that they do the same: "She has lovely hair but she has horrible teeth," and tear a bit off her.

By the time she has gone round the circle, she's in tiny pieces. Then the Brownies have to put her back together. They may not manage to do so, but even if they do, you make the point that no matter what happens to Josephine in the future, she'll always be scarred by what was said to her. And ask them to think about how they speak to others, because even though the scars won't show from cruel words, the hurt will still be there.

Here's hoping...

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Not Brownies but...

My daughter had so much fun at our climbing and abseiling day, I've booked it again, at her request, for her birthday party.

And here's the really nice thing: when I handed out the permission forms for the Brownie day, I mistakenly gave out 11 instead of 10. And got all 11 back. It was only when I counted them I realised I had, for the first time, made a serious paperwork mistake. As the climbing place insist on a 1:10 maximum ratio, it was impossible to take all 11.

I was able to trace back and work out who hadn't paid, thanks to Parrot's scrupulous book-keeping. I called her mum, who said as she had paid for a different event, she wasn't sure if she had paid for this one, so had done the form. She was a bit cross, understandably, and the Brownie was upset. I did apologise, and I am only human.

Well, my daughter wants to invite this Brownie to her birthday. She's only having 6 guests. She knew how upset I was about making a mistake and how upset this Brownie was at missing out, and she likes her anyway (she and my daughter are in the same Six) so she wants to invite her.

I am very impressed by my daughter's thoughtfulness. I don't want to take away from what she is doing by mentioning this is fairly uncharacteristic (oops, just did!). I am very impressed.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Wish my region did this:

Nights Away Scheme

What is the Nights Away Badge?
Introducing the Girlguiding Anglia Nights Away Badge—open to all our members, from the newest Rainbow to the most mature (!) adult member, you can celebrate going away with Guiding by gaining the new Nights Away cloth badge!

To take part, complete the Nights Away Record Card every time you go away for one night or more on a recognised Guiding event. This could be a sleepover, camp, holiday, international trip etc.
Once you have reached the requisite number of Nights Away to gain one of the badges, you can apply for the badge.
This beautiful 6cm x 6cm badge can be worn proudly on your uniform (girls only) or why not display it on your camp blanket!

Sign Me Up!
1. Start collecting your ‘Nights’ Away’ by filling in the Nights Away Record Card available from your County Pack Holiday or Camping Adviser or from Anglia Region Office. You can backdate your Nights Away from 1st January 2006.
2. When you reach 1,5,10,15 nights away you can order the badge from Anglia office, or your local depot. Download the Nights Away Badge Order Form and send the completed form and a cheque for 50p per badge to Anglia Office.
3. When you reach 25,50,75,100,200 or more nights away, send your card to your County Camp Adviser (Guides/SS/Adults) or County Pack Holiday Adviser (Rainbows & Brownies) plus 50p (plus SAE) towards the cost of your badge.
The badges are available NOW!

Q Who can take part in the Nights Away Scheme?
A All members of Girlguiding Anglia from Rainbows to Senior Section – and even adults and Trefoil Guild!
Q What counts as a Night Away?
A One night (or more) spent on a recognised guiding event. This could include:
Sleepovers, holidays, camps, boating holidays, bivouacs, international trips, youth hostelling, service crew weekends…in fact, anything that is approved in the Guiding Manual.


NOBODY must tell the Brownies about this!

Sssh - I couldn't take it. And I'd feel obligated to find a way to make it work cos I know they would love it so much.

So everyone - keep schtum!
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