Monday, 8 October 2007

Assorted stuff

  • DoE girl is coming on Thurs so we'll see how we go
  • Printed off the consent forms for Legoland, and asked my AG to bring the receipt book so I can match up the names with the girls who paid.
  • Collected back most of the mud run forms now, hoping to have them all back by tomorrow
  • Can't get hold of my DC (email no reply, phone message no reply, mobile phone not connecting) and desperately need a signature to confirm I can go on this trip. Called Div Comm, one level up today and she has promised to either get the DC to sign tomorrow night at a meeting they are both going to be at or will sign it herself if DC isn't there. So I should get it back Wednesday and will pay to send it express that afternoon and hopefully meet the deadline.
  • Got back a necker from a Brownie that left without having to bug the family more than twice! Always a success! We now take a deposit when new girls join, so that if they don't return the necker when they leave, they forfeit the money, which is £1 more than it costs to buy a new one anyway. I was hating chasing them up all the time, but at £4 a go, they are too expensive to buy new for every girl, as we have a turnover of 7 or 8 each year (expected, as girls move away or move up to Guides).
  • Thinking ahead to an overnight trip in late Feb, early March...


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