Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Buckingham Palace

Here's a picture of the girls from when we went to Buckingham Palace.

We got permission to go inside the gates to watch the Changing of the Guard. There were THOUSANDS of tourists outside the gates and they were all saying: "Why do they get to go inside?" It was worth it just for that! The same day we did this, we also visited Girlguiding HQ, the ICANDO centre, a fantastic Italian restaurant, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament (the girls were fascinated by Big Ben, seen it so many times on the TV) and went on the London Eye.

This picture makes me a little sad though. We took 10 girls on the trip last March, 9 from our pack and 1 from our sister pack in our district. Of the 9 girls from our pack, one has moved to Australia (and has joined Brownies there and is loving it), one has moved to America (don't know how she is getting on) and one left to go to Guides but didn't really take to it and didn't return in September (doesn't take away from the fact she had a great time at Brownies but I'm sad she didn't click with Guides).

So only 6 of the 10 in the pic are still in our pack. 3 of those are in the Senior Six so I've only got them till next Easter when they go to Guides themselves.

Time marches on!

PS: The girls are wearing yellow neckers with a white stripe, this is what our unit wears, other units don't have them or choose their own colour combinations. I will confess that our girls voted to get neckers, I didn't know you could get any colour other than yellow, went to the Guide shop to buy them and there was a set of 20 yellow with a white stripe that someone hadn't collected within 6 months so they sold them to me at a bargain price - and that's how our colour was selected!


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