Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Our county held a camp last June and our girls visited for the day, though some local Brownies did actually camp.

I've never camped. Not as a Brownie. Not as a Guide. Not as an adult.

And I was never going to. I've always said to my Brownies, you'll get the chance to camp when you go to Guides. I'll take you away to exciting indoor venues: a community hall, a World Guiding Centre, a county guide centre, a Scout activity centre so far. We're going to a Guiding Activity Centre in December and there will be an overnight between Jan and March next year for the oldest girls. But no tents.

Now the county is planning another weekend camp next July. And I gave serious thought as to whether I could do it. And concluded I could not. So I emailed the other Guiders in the unit to say as much.

At which point the newbie Guider came back and said: "I camp every year with the family, maybe we can do this if I lead and you help."

So now I've emailed the camp organiser for more details, emailed the other Brownie leader in the district to ask for tips and emailed the Guide Guider to see what equipment we could get access to.

Am I REALLY going to spend two nights under canvas????


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