Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Can't help

Another Brownie Guider in the district caught me this morning and asked me if I could take her meeting tonight. I had to say no - I have stepped in and helped her before, but I've not been too well the last couple of days and I just haven't got the strength.

I do feel bad for her, here am I with 2 qualified leaders (me and Parrot), one nearly qualified (Lion), one just starting training (Otter), a unit helper (Monkey) and two Guides that help as Pack Leaders (Tiger and Owl). And she has...her, plus a Pack Leader. She has less girls than us, and she has help from parents to ensure she has the necessary two adults they need each week. But the full burden falls on her.

I did suggest she tried an email around to see if anyone else could help her out for tonight.

In the longer term, it's not so simple as maybe a couple of our leaders could work with her pack instead. All our leaders have a link to our unit, they either have a daughter in the unit or had one in it. Wednesdays don't suit any of us either, plus her unit starts at 5pm - it's enough of a struggle for a minimum 3 of us to make it to our own meetings for 6pm, 5pm is just impossible.


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