Monday, 15 October 2007

Environment Badge

Blog Action Day calls on everyone to make an environmentally-themed post, within the normal framework of your blog. So I thought I'd post the syllabus for the Brownie Environment badge. This is one we plan to tackle as a unit, next year.

1. Do the following:
** For a week try three different ways to use less water and energy at home.
** Keep a record of what you’ve done and how much less water and energy you have used.

2. Do the following:
** Collect packaging that can and cannot be recycled. Know how you would: – dispose safely of the different items– reduce packaging waste.
** Show how you sort items into recycling groups and where your local recycling facilities are found.

3. Find out about your local recycling facilities. Make a poster showing what can be recycled and where the collection points are for at least three different materials.

4. Either
Visit a local farmers’ market and find out why buying produce there helps the farmer, you and the environment.
Collect six food items such as apples, pineapples or coffee. Discuss whether they are produced in this country or another. Know the problems of transporting food a long way.

5. Explain how artificial fertilisers, pesticides and the destruction of hedgerows affect wildlife.

6. Find out about an endangered species, like red squirrels, tigers, blue whales or giant pandas. Make a display or information pack about them.


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