Friday, 12 October 2007

Finished Science

So we finished Science Investigator last night, or at least as much as we were doing at Brownies. Now if they want to get the badge they have to do one of three things:

  1. Visit Snibston (a science park) with us and we will pay admission, on a planned trip

Visit another science venue and bring a note from their parent

Do a poster about two famous scientists

One girl last night who can't make it to Snibston brought her poster already and it was fabulous. She's set a very high standard.

The DoE girl slotted in very well and wants to come for the next three months for her community service, she's going to organise a starting game each week which is an excellent help to us.

I organised Healthy Heart, each of the 5 leaders is leading a clause, so that means little organisation for me which is good, I'm a bit overwhelmed with paperwork stuff just now.

And the girls decided whether they wanted to do Entertainer or Hostess in the run up to Christmas, we'll run them alongside each other as they are complimentary, and it means the shy ones don't have to get up and entertain but can still earn a badge.

5 girls (including my daughter) are going to try and do both, it will involve work at home for them rather than just in the meeting, so we'll see how they balance that with the demands of November/December at school.

Gave out consent forms for Legoland...oh, 5/6 new Brownies know their promise so they are about ready to go...the one thing I forgot last night was to talk to the Senior Six about where they would like their overnight in Feb to be, but 4/6 will be at the mud run so I can start with them and then catch the other two!

Right - mud run tomorrow, really looking forward to it!


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