Tuesday, 30 October 2007


About 1/2 of our girls go to the same school. About 3/4 of the girls live in our housing estate. All the girls bar two either go to the school or live on the estate or both -ooh, this is turning into one of those maths questions that ask you to draw a Venn Diagram!

Anyway, of the girls that don't go to the school where we meet, three go to a school that is having a firework display on our meeting night this week. Because the mums are helpful ladies, they are helping at the event, so their daughters are going too, of course.

All three took the time to tell me, which was great, means we won't be waiting to start thinking they may turn up. But I am quite jealous - I'd love to go too! I know Healthy Heart badge will be fun...and two girls who go to a different school again are missing the school disco to do the badge, so we will press on and do it.

But I do love fireworks! Bonfire Night is a Monday this year, so there may be a display locally on the Saturday? Must get the local paper.


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