Saturday, 13 October 2007

Got muddy for a good cause

So, we did the 5K mud run this morning, and I am really pleased to say all 27 members of our team completed the course: adults, Brownies and siblings, right down to little Rachel, not even two yet (though to be fair she was pushed round in her buggy by her dad!)

Everyone in our group got round in between 50 mins and an hour, that might be a lame time for your proper runner on tarmac/running track but we were clambering up and down steps, slipping in mud and generally taking in gorgeous grounds as designed by Capability Brown, and our team included 13 people under the age of 12, so I am very pleased.

Everyone got a bottle of Radox for afterwards, for a good soak in the tub. And not just a mini-bottle, a good size one like you'd buy in the shops!

We raised £100 as a team after entry fees - I am very pleased with that, given that we organised our participation in just a few days and the money was entirely donations from the ten families that got involved, rather than sponsorship money. We've already had a thank you letter from the British Heart Foundation too.

And two great bonuses - one, the girls who participated will have this count towards their new challenge badges, and two, everyone who showed their race number at the door was allowed in Warwick Castle for free. Given that it costs £52 for a family of four to get into the castle normally, this was a bonus - it wasn't mentioned when we signed up and I don't know if it was a last minute agreement with the people that run the castle, but it was a really nice surprise. Quite a few of our families did have to shoot off for other commitments that afternoon but a few of us went.
My legs don't half ache below the knees! Getting fitter hurts!


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