Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I need to make a Josephine for tomorrow night, we're going to use her while Lion sets up the science experiments.

The two girls I mentioned squabbling a while ago? Apparently they are still at it in school and it's upsetting the others in their class. Well, I can't do much about school, but I can give it a try at Brownies.

So this is what Josephine is: You draw a Brownie on a large sheet of paper and cut her out. Then when we sit in the Brownie circle at the beginning, I introduce her: "This is Josephine, a new Brownie member. She's very nice, but she's a bit smelly." And then I tear a bit off her.

I prime the next few Brownies after me beforehand so that they do the same: "She has lovely hair but she has horrible teeth," and tear a bit off her.

By the time she has gone round the circle, she's in tiny pieces. Then the Brownies have to put her back together. They may not manage to do so, but even if they do, you make the point that no matter what happens to Josephine in the future, she'll always be scarred by what was said to her. And ask them to think about how they speak to others, because even though the scars won't show from cruel words, the hurt will still be there.

Here's hoping...


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