Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Not Brownies but...

My daughter had so much fun at our climbing and abseiling day, I've booked it again, at her request, for her birthday party.

And here's the really nice thing: when I handed out the permission forms for the Brownie day, I mistakenly gave out 11 instead of 10. And got all 11 back. It was only when I counted them I realised I had, for the first time, made a serious paperwork mistake. As the climbing place insist on a 1:10 maximum ratio, it was impossible to take all 11.

I was able to trace back and work out who hadn't paid, thanks to Parrot's scrupulous book-keeping. I called her mum, who said as she had paid for a different event, she wasn't sure if she had paid for this one, so had done the form. She was a bit cross, understandably, and the Brownie was upset. I did apologise, and I am only human.

Well, my daughter wants to invite this Brownie to her birthday. She's only having 6 guests. She knew how upset I was about making a mistake and how upset this Brownie was at missing out, and she likes her anyway (she and my daughter are in the same Six) so she wants to invite her.

I am very impressed by my daughter's thoughtfulness. I don't want to take away from what she is doing by mentioning this is fairly uncharacteristic (oops, just did!). I am very impressed.


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