Sunday, 21 October 2007

One last note

One last note before I do three days of work packed into two and therefore don't have time to post before I go to Scotland.

The Brownie mum replied to my email, sending it to all the Brownie parents and leaders again, and started citing health and safety and was still going on about communication. I think the health and safety thing is a bit clutching at straws - if she was that fussed about it, why did she sign her daughter up for camp 10 minutes before her original email, you wouldn't send your daughter away with someone for a weekend if you didn't think the normal meetings were safe.

But this is really grinding me down, despite being overwhelmed by lots of other parents getting in touch to reassure me.

So instead of answering in anger this time, I replied directly to her (I believe it is called taking the moral high ground!) and restated the communication as it runs for our unit. I said that to "learn from this experience" as of the next half-term, there will be a poster hung on the gate the girls leave from to state the last meeting date and first meeting date of the next term. (Too right there will be, I'm going to Kall Kwik and paying whatever it takes to have an A3, 72 point poster laminated!)

Then I said if she was still not happy, these are the contact details for the Division Commissioner, who has been kept aware of our dialogue.

The end.

Either she'll accept the way communications are handled (and by the way, I have had so many Guiders on a Guiders forum post that I passed on the info in far more ways than they do) and her daughter will stay with us, or the Div Comm will find another unit that she may find answers her concerns better. I'd be sad to lose the girl, but I know I can't do any more than I do.


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