Friday, 5 October 2007

Paperwork and mail strikes

I have two sets of Brownie forms I need to get where they need to go very soon.

And a mail strike till next Wednesday so no mail until next Thursday at the least.
  1. We have 28 people (14 adults, 14 girls) going on a mud run for the British Heart Foundation next Saturday (13th). But I need to get all the forms signed and then get us registered. So I will be driving to Birmingham on Wednesday to do it in person (not far, about 25 miles) otherwise we won't be signed up in time.
  2. The forms for the six Brownies and two leaders going to Norfolk in December need to be returned by Oct 12. But I haven't yet received the permission form back from my DC and with no mail till next Thursday, that means even if she has put it in the post, I won't get it at the earliest till Thursday night when I get in from work. And I can't drive to Norfolk on Friday to hand in the forms. So I will have to call them and hope it will be ok if they go back late.


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