Sunday, 14 October 2007

Recognised as a Guider...and two more Brownies

I wish I could find a pic, but they don't seem to sell it any more...yesterday at the mud run I was wearing a Guiding t-shirt with Surprise Yourself (a guiding slogan) on it in Welsh. Yeah, I'm about as Welsh as haggis (actually, I am exactly as Welsh as haggis, as both haggis and me are Scottish) but the t-shirt was £5 from GGUK trading last year as they were selling off the last of their stock. I like the fit, and the colours, so I wear it when I am doing Guiding stuff out of the meeting place and want a long-sleeved top.

When I went into Warwick Castle after the run, a woman came up to me and asked what the slogan said. I said Surprise Youself in Welsh, and she said she thought so, she was a Scottish guider herself too.

Of course, we both only have GGUK's word for it that the top does say Surprise Yourself, it might be two Welsh swearwords for all I know.

Other news: I have two new Brownies lined up for January. We are currently running at 22, so this will take us to 24. That's the conventional maximum number for a UK unit, you can go up to 30 if you really want, but I actually think 24 is a good number both for our leaders (it means we can run with three leaders, if we go over 24, we need 4 to maintain our ratios) and for the hall we are in. I actually think the pack runs best around the 18-20 mark but with a high rent, having a full 24 means our money can stretch a bit further.

One of the newbies is called Hannah though, this will be the FOURTH Hannah in the unit at the moment, and she has the same initial as one of the others. She doesn't have a nickname (we solved the problem of having three Harriets at one point because one liked to be known as Hattie and another as Hairy Rat!!!!) so we may have to go with Tall Hannah B and Wee Hannah B - haven't seen how tall she is yet though!


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