Saturday, 6 October 2007

Signed up

Have signed up for training on November 3 to learn about the new Brownie programme. I already know there are three new badges relating to it, and have started to create a record sheet for the girls, just need the training now. The new badges are Brownie Adventure (to be earned after approx 18 months), Brownie Adventure On (to be earned after another approx 18 months) and Brownies was an Adventure (not earned, you get it when you leave and can wear it on your Guide uniform)

Of course, I have posted the letter asking to join the training...who knows when it will get there with the current post situation. It's really weird getting no post at all for a few days, I know the advantage is no bills, but I like the noise when the post comes through the letterbox and I miss it! Miss our postie too, he's a sweetheart who really tries hard to make sure people get their larger post by checking with neighbours or stopping you if you are driving out the street.

Here's the news behind the mail strike:


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