Friday, 19 October 2007

Sikh Brownie

Girlguiding UK are looking for Sikh Brownies.

Every so often, they produce a leaflet inside the Guiders magazine about each religion, to try and help those of a different religion understand the needs that may need to be considered, or simply why Guiding can be seen in a positive light within that religious community (eg because it's an all-girl space). I say of a religion, because everyone who takes the Guiding promise has to promise to "love my God" and while that can be open as to which God/plural deities is being cited, you cannot take the promise if you won't promise to love your God.

Anyway, I have a Sikh Brownie and have passed her details (with her mum's permission) to GGUK and she may be appearing in the next leaflet!


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