Friday, 19 October 2007

Snibston Science Park

This term we have been doing the Science Investigator badge. The remaining requirement was to go to a science park. Many, though not all, schools in our area had a teacher training day today, so I told the Brownie parents that any Brownie family who was at Snibston for 10.30am, the Brownies would pay for admission.

We had 2 for 1 vouchers, so we got 9 adults, 11 kids (including 9 Brownies) and 4 under fives in for £58. Considering Warwick Castle is £52 for a family of four, you can see what a bargain that is!

Once in, the families were left to wander as they wanted. We had such a clear bright day, much of the time was spent outside exploring the outdoor facilities. At noon, there was a presentation for the girls who had completed their badge, then we left the families to explore again and leave in their own time.

It's a fantastic facility, we had four year olds picking up Mini cars with magnets and pullies (pulleys? What is the plural of pulley?), lots of water play, lots of weaving, clambering through coal was excellent and I highly recommend it.

And most of the parents there had seen the email sent round the night before. None of them had turned up last night, they all read their calendar! Everyone was very supportive and made me feel we are really offering a great experience for our girls.


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