Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Whirlwind day - but I achieved so much!

Not all guiding, but lots of it!
  • Daughter to school.
  • Jumped in car and drove to Birmingham to register our team of 27 for the mud run 5K on Saturday. Son was given an elephant badge while I sorted the money and forms with someone, and was very chuffed!
  • Checked out Solihull Ice Rink on the way back for future reference as it was just round the corner from the charity.
  • Drove back.
  • Shot into town to give income tax stuff to my accountant.
  • Dropped ironing off (our one big luxury in life is getting someone else to do the ironing)
  • Picked up bread and milk.
  • Dropped it at the house.
  • Paid the papers.
  • Posted two items at the Post Office.
  • Took son to swimming lesson.
  • Home for lunch.
  • Sat down. Aaaaaaaah.
  • Made lunch.
  • Had coffee with division commissioner who signed the forms for our Santa Weekend for me. Our district commissioner has just resigned and we talked about that a little, and what happens now - I know what you are thinking and it does not involve me taking the position!
  • Collected daughter.
  • Shot to Post Office again with the signed form and all the other stuff I had to send. Paid Special Delivery to be certain it gets there in time - there is another mail strike next week and there have been a few walkouts today and I just didn't want to risk our forms being delayed.
  • Home. Now I need to think about dinner...but I am at least pleased with how much I have achieved today!


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