Monday, 1 October 2007

Wish my region did this:

Nights Away Scheme

What is the Nights Away Badge?
Introducing the Girlguiding Anglia Nights Away Badge—open to all our members, from the newest Rainbow to the most mature (!) adult member, you can celebrate going away with Guiding by gaining the new Nights Away cloth badge!

To take part, complete the Nights Away Record Card every time you go away for one night or more on a recognised Guiding event. This could be a sleepover, camp, holiday, international trip etc.
Once you have reached the requisite number of Nights Away to gain one of the badges, you can apply for the badge.
This beautiful 6cm x 6cm badge can be worn proudly on your uniform (girls only) or why not display it on your camp blanket!

Sign Me Up!
1. Start collecting your ‘Nights’ Away’ by filling in the Nights Away Record Card available from your County Pack Holiday or Camping Adviser or from Anglia Region Office. You can backdate your Nights Away from 1st January 2006.
2. When you reach 1,5,10,15 nights away you can order the badge from Anglia office, or your local depot. Download the Nights Away Badge Order Form and send the completed form and a cheque for 50p per badge to Anglia Office.
3. When you reach 25,50,75,100,200 or more nights away, send your card to your County Camp Adviser (Guides/SS/Adults) or County Pack Holiday Adviser (Rainbows & Brownies) plus 50p (plus SAE) towards the cost of your badge.
The badges are available NOW!

Q Who can take part in the Nights Away Scheme?
A All members of Girlguiding Anglia from Rainbows to Senior Section – and even adults and Trefoil Guild!
Q What counts as a Night Away?
A One night (or more) spent on a recognised guiding event. This could include:
Sleepovers, holidays, camps, boating holidays, bivouacs, international trips, youth hostelling, service crew weekends…in fact, anything that is approved in the Guiding Manual.


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