Friday, 19 October 2007


Apparently the Brownie at the door wasn't the only one whose mum can't read a calendar.

I got a really angry email, sent to the whole Brownie yahoo group (ie all the Brownie parents and leaders) last night from a mum about the meeting being "cancelled".

Here's my reply:

Brownies was not cancelled, we never meet on the last Thursday of a half-term or term for three reasons: the school often takes the hall back from us, the leaders have parent-teacher conferences to get to, and when we did try meeting, our numbers were so far down it was not worth the effort of the leaders getting there. I tell all the new parents when their daughter start, that this is why we always meet back the first week school goes back whenever possible, because we can never meet at the end of half-terms and terms.

Each family is issued with a calendar with meeting dates at the start of the term. Each girl was given one with their name marked on the top and I did not have any left so I know {your daughter] was given one. In addition, I did verbally remind the girls last week at the end of the meeting.

I am a little insulted when you say: "Many of us on a weekly basis make family/work arrangements to ensure the girls can eat early and get to Brownies." Do you really think I do nothing but Brownies? I get in from work on a Thursday evening and have to collect both my children from childcare, feed them both, get changed, get together the resources for Brownies and get out the door. In addition to which my husband has to leave work early to ensure he is back in time to look after my son so that I can even get to Brownies in the first place.

You do know that we are volunteers? We are not paid to do any of this?


OK, so I was mad. Can you tell?

But I have been texted/phoned/spoken to by several Brownie mums today, all of whom said they were really grateful for all we do as leaders and that they knew the meeting wasn't on and I hardly hand-picked who I would tell! They were concerned this mum may have pushed me far enough to do something like resign.

Nope - because a day like today (will do another post) is why I do Brownies: nine Brownie families having a fab day out together and actually taking the time to say thank you to me rather than having a go at me because someone didn't read a calendar.


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