Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Yes, camping!

Well, it looks like we are going to do this. I am waaay out of my comfort zone!

But newbie Guider is keen and I am infected by her enthusiasm! Add to that, the Guide Guider has offered her services since her two daughters are going with the Brownie packs they help at anyway, and we have our team of three adults, plus access to the Guide Guiders stash of camping equipment.

We will have a maximum of 18 girls that could potentially take part as six will go to Guides at Easter and even though we'll have some newbies at Easter, we would only take girls who have been away with us once before, it's a bit too much for a first time away from home.

I can't imagine all 18 will want to go but if we can get about 10-12, I think that would be a good number.


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