Friday, 9 November 2007


I remembered something from Brownies last night I wanted to share.

Our county lost 4 firefighters last weekend in a big warehouse fire. Only one was found at first, and died in hospital, more than 200 colleagues searched for days in a dangerous building to find the other three.

The firefighters in our town are really helpful and welcoming to the Brownies, about 18 months ago we did our fire safety badge: they came to us for one week and the second week we went to the fire station and the girls did a test, examined a fire engine and even got to play with the hose.

So, although we of course thanked them at the time, we wanted to show them now how grateful we are. There isn't a specific fund right now so fundraising wasn't appropriate, for now anyway.

So I printed off a large fire engine on A3 paper and added: To all the firefighters at X Station, we are so sorry you lost four of your friends. We want to let you know how grateful we are for all that you do. At the bottom, I wrote the name of the Brownie unit.

The girls each used a brightly coloured pen to write Thank You and their name on the engine, and it looked very colourful when they were done.

One of our older Brownies will deliver it to the station this weekend. I hope it lets them know that the people around them value the dangerous job that they do.


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