Friday, 2 November 2007

Is your heart healthy?

Well, 17 Brownies from our pack should have healthy hearts now!


  • Stacked up food packaging with Parrot and discussed what was healthy and what was not.

  • Made healthy and unhealthy necklaces with Otter and talked about the things you have to look out for that might seem healthy but aren't.

  • Raised their pulse with jumping jacks with Lion.

  • Took their blood pressure and played a game with Monkey.

  • Discussed food allergy and how to protect yourself if you have one, and also medicines and how to use them and dispose of them safely, with me.
And they got the cutest badge ever, and had time for a game of Red Letter!

We dished out the t-shirts from the Mud Run too, for the girls who took part.

Next: training on the new Brownie programme for me tomorrow, and Legoland on Sunday!


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