Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Legoland was great! We had a poor start, it was very foggy and were standing there waiting for the coach and it didn't come, nor did 4 Brownies. Then I asked one of the dads to run me over to the road that is parallel to ours. Sure enough, there was the coach and 4 Brownies (with parents).

The driver had directions, as given by me, to be on A Road, between B Road and C Road. Well, he was on D Road, between B Road and C Road. A and D are parallel. He didn't seem to think there was anything wrong in this but it was no time to pick a fight.

We drove round to the others, and got on board and off we went, just 15 mins late. The driver was a sweetie really, and even put a DVD on for the girls (Little Mermaid) and let them use the toilet on board, last year's driver had refused to let them use it.

The fog burned off as it got warmer, and by the time we got there just after 10am it was a cold and clear day. We split into 4 groups (our Guides in one, the other Brownie pack from our district in another, and our pack split into two) and off we went.

Our group went for:
  • The Hill Train
  • The Pirate Falls Log Flume
  • Lunch
  • The Orient Expedition Train
  • Viking River Splash
  • Boating School
  • Chocolate waffles
  • Fire Academy
  • Fairy Tale Brook
  • Miniland

And countless toilet trips!

It was a lovely, clear day, all the time we were there, and six girls took their promise while we were there, in front of our Brownies and some Brownies from Kent.

The trip back (with the dreadful Shark Tale as the DVD) was 20 mins faster then the trip there. Now my head tells me this is impossible. Want to know why? In my head, Britain is on a gentle slope, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Channel Tunnel. So if you go from the Midlands to London, you are going down. And if you go from London to the Midlands, you are going up. So shouldn't the coach go faster down than up?

Don't worry, I do not share this scientific theory with the Brownies, I try to be factual with them at all times!

So Legoland was great and every Brownie I've met since has been buzzing with the fun of it. We're not doing it next year though. We've gone two years in a row and I don't want it to turn into: it's November, we must go to Legoland. What I will do though, is tell the parents the ticket prices once they are revealed, and give them the phone number. That way, if they want to go as a family, they can take advantage of the halfprice admission.

Right, have to stop riding the high of Legoland and start thinking about the Entertainer badge, which we start on Thursday.


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