Monday, 19 November 2007

Onwards and upwards

Am setting aside my disappointment about not getting the scout camp and moving on.

After doing some research, and finding most of the venues the girls wanted are booked up already for that weekend, they will be presented (with their parents!) with the following options:
  • If the sleeping over bit is the most important to them, we can go to one of the 5 venues they mentioned, Pax Lodge World Guiding Centre. All the other suggestions are booked. But, this will be expensive (around £50 for the 31 hours we would be away, as we have train, underground, food, accommodation and entertainment).
  • If the abseiling and skating bit is the most important to them, we can do both, with lunch, for £18, in Birmingham.
  • If they want some other random ideas for special days out, we can go see a Wicked the Musical matinee for £35 a head in London's West End, or Aladdin pantomime in Birmingham for £28 a head (which has the lovely John Barrowman in).

I am going to present them with these options after Brownies on Thursday and get them to choose then and there, as we need to get forms organised if they go for the overnight.

I'm putting the newbie overnight to one side while I get this resolved as there is less time pressure on that one.


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