Sunday, 11 November 2007

Remembrance Day

Note to self: must find out how to get my Brownies involved in Remembrance Sunday next year.

Because we meet in a school, not a church, we don't have an automatic invitation to these things. But I really want the Brownies to be involved for two reasons:
  1. We really should never forget the sacrifices made for us.

  2. I walked in a Remembrance Day parade every year as a Brownie and a Guide, and it's one of the few memories of those years that really stick with me. Wearing about three layers of clothing under my Brownie dress so that I would be warm enough for the 10 minutes we were outside freezing in the Scottish November weather.

It was brought home to me yesterday at my daughter's party. She had picked 5 friends there, 4 girls who happen to be Brownies and 2 boys who happen to be Cubs. Both Cubs were marching today, and 1 of the Brownies, who goes to a different pack. The 3 girls, including my daughter, who were not marching, were all my Brownies.

So, note to self. Must make enquiries in September next year to find out how we can participate.


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