Friday, 30 November 2007

Still floating

Still on a high, saw lots of the Brownies on the way to school this morning and told them all how proud I was of them last night!

Had coffee with New Guider Who Wants To Take The Brownies Camping this morning (I do work, but only part-time!).

Her training started this Monday and was really helpful, and we also chatted about last night, and about camp - we're down to 14 girls from 16, which is fine, we'd actually prefer around 10-12 for comfort anyway in terms of catering and the number of tents that would need pitching!
One girl just doesn't feel ready to be away from home for two nights, she's never been away overnight, so we're taking things at her pace, she's got a school trip soon and will see how she does on that. The other girl's family has a commitment that weekend, and she's chosen to go with them rather than us. Better for them to drop out now before deposits etc are involved, though both are lovely girls who would have been very welcome on camp!


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