Monday, 5 November 2007

Training Day

I had a bug on Friday and really hadn't shaken it by Saturday, so I only made it to lunchtime of the training day as I was so tired and bit weak.

I was a bit disappointed with the formal aspect. Someone did run through the new Brownie programme changes but I knew it all already, because, as you can guess, I learn a lot of it online. In fact, I knew MORE than the woman presenting it. She said there were 3 updated badges, there are actually 5 according to the GGUK website.

Still, just like the last training day I went to, it was as much about meeting other Guiders and sharing ideas. In the session I was in, you'd mention something you'd done and someone else would have done something different...I got a couple of ideas and some help with one I've been a bit stumped on that the girls want to do.

Left at lunchtime though, I hadn't eaten at that point since breakfast the day before and I wanted to eat a very plain sandwich. They had provided lunch but it was all cheese and mayo, ham and mustard...I just wanted something very plain to see how I felt.

Will post about Legoland tomorrow, too much to get finished tonight cos I wasn't around all weekend.


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